[How to boil anchovy soup for complete nutrition]_How to cook _ How to cook

[How to boil anchovy soup for complete nutrition]_How to cook _ How to cook

If you want to have better nutrition, you should pay attention to the use of certain methods and techniques, especially based on the protein in the body, which has a good effect on lactating and lactating, and in order to improve, the spleen and stomach are weak or, Regardless of diet and other issues, all have a very good effect, the following introduces to you, a more nutritious and healthy catfish soup cooking method.

1. Catfish purchase: choose catfish live, try to go to the vegetable market or market in the morning to buy it better, choose smooth fish, neat, no disease spots, no fish scales, on-site slaughter, if there is jellyfishDo n’t buy fresh water. The nutritional value of jellyfish is higher.

Most catfish have fish roe, carry as much as possible, do not discard, and have high nutritional value.

2. Preparation: After the catfish is bought back, it must be rinsed repeatedly. The slaughter on the market is not clean. There is a lot of blood in it. Be sure to rinse it under the faucet repeatedly until there is no blood.

It is more convenient to cook catfish soup in ceramic pot, which can save the nutrition of catfish.

If you do n’t like the fishy smell, wash the fish after removing the scales and laparotomy, then pour some rice wine into the basin to remove the fishy smell and make the fish taste delicious; or soak it in milk for a while to remove the fishy smell.Can also increase umami.

3, choose the right material mix: Fuyu soup with Fuling Baizhu Shayu soup is better, catfish can warm the spleen and stomach, water and swelling; Fuling Jianpi spleen and dampness; Baizhu Jianpi dryness.

The combination of these foods can strengthen the spleen and dampness, warm the qi, and calm the heart.

In addition, anchovy tofu soup and anchovy papaya soup are good.

4. Specific practice of bonito soup: cut large and thin slices of ginger (ginger should be added for those with spleen and stomach deficiency), shallots, garlic, hot pot and oil, stir-fry bonito, and fry bonito until slightly yellow.The resulting catfish soup will appear creamy.

Then wash the Poria and Atractylodes separately, and then pack the Poria and Atractylodes in a clean gauze bag. At the same time, put the tangerine peel into the clay pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil the water with boiling water, and then put the carp.Switch to low heat and continue to cook for 1-2 hours, season with a little salt, and replace.

It is better to cook with natural gas.