Zusanli Point Weight Loss Massage

Zusanli Point Weight Loss Massage

The body is getting fat because it is too much, the consumption is less than the reserve, and it is caused by the accumulation of time. Therefore, weight loss is to burn these slightly.

Through massage, only to find acupuncture points, grasp the good method, you can promote weight loss!

  Zusanli acupoints weight loss massage method acupoint map: 1.

One finger below the lateral side of the Zusanli fracture.

It is a longevity acupoint for strengthening the body and can treat abdominal distension, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, weakness of the limbs and other symptoms.


Sanyinjiao internal toe up position of 3 fingers wide.

It is especially suitable for cold waist and foot and enhance the disease resistance of reproductive organs.

  The outer knee is 3 inches below the eye, and the outer side of the upper bone is about a third point.

Use your thumb to press 揉 120 times on the hole.

  Press four points to lose weight massage method 1.

The middle position between the chest socket and the navel is particularly effective for people with low immunity in the stomach.


Qihai navel umbilical cord down a finger wide, has a good effect on mental disorders, depression.


Guan Yuan’s navel is 3 fingers wide, which has a relief effect on cold and other cold diseases.

  Lying on your back or sitting, use the tip of your thumb to press on the upper jaw, middle jaw, double heavenly pivot (two inches next to the navel, one hole on each side), on the various points of the sea and the other, feel the pain after the thumb tipTwist 10 turns on each acupuncture point.

  Sitting on the umbilical cord weight loss method sitting or lying down, the massager’s right hand four fingers close together, the finger on the navel on the appropriate force to press down, the left and right spins 10 times.

  There is also an effective way to lose weight in the navel: smoked navel beauty weight loss full Raiders operating procedures: 1.

Clean the skin around the navel.


Perform an essential oil massage.


Cut the moxa strips in half (use about half a strip) 4 .

The essential oil containing pure Chinese medicine ingredients is dripped in the navel with a dropper (the dosage is determined according to the instructions for use).


Ignite the moxa, ignite the head down and stuff it into the tube.

When the essential oil and the active ingredients in the herbs penetrate into the skin, they are converted into vital energy by moxibustion, and then the body is relieved by the meridians, thereby promoting metabolism, detoxification and weight loss.


Put on the mat, put on the Ai tube, and roll a towel pad under the handle of the Ai tube.


Start the umbilical cord, about 1 hour, should be selected according to individual circumstances.


When finished, wipe the essential oil around the navel.

  Efficacy: beauty and beauty, slimming weight loss, Shujing active, qi and qi, regulate hormone levels, adjust spleen and kidney, can improve female dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, uterine ptosis, asthma, cold hands and feet, allergic rhinitis.

  Suitable for people: poor sleep, excessive fatigue, obesity, cold hands and feet, endocrine disorders, constipation, flatulence, people who need a thin waist to shape the body, massage, weight loss, right palm, start from the heart and mouth, through the left rib, down to the lower abdomen, up and down the right rib to touch the original place.

So loop for 36 laps; then use the left palm to ring 36 turns in the opposite direction from the heart and mouth.

  This is the most thorough method.
It can be done before going to bed at night or while watching TV.
Urine can stimulate the nerve endings, open the skin and the capillaries of the aunt’s aunt, speed up metabolism, promote the discharge of waste from the skin tissue, and of course reduce the aunt.

  Editor’s Choice: SPA massage method for breast enhancement and thin abdomen.

Using both hands, apply the lotion from right to left to the lower abdomen and waist in a large way, and draw a circle 5 times in a row.


Push 5 times from the front upper side toward the waist by drawing a circle.


Starting from the upper and lower sides, vertically downwards and downwards to the abdomen, massage the hands with overlapping waves for 3 times, and then massage the massage 5 times in the same direction to promote slight decomposition and drainage.

  Massage while walking, the benefits are many walks to get rid of excess meat. Ordinary walks are suitable for commuting, walking after meals, shopping and shopping.

According to your needs, you can choose slow, medium or fast.

Fast is not equal to urgent, just a little faster than the medium speed.

Walking can relax the bones, calm the blood, and lay a long-term foundation for weight loss.

  When the rocker is walking, walk along the pace to reduce the pace of the pace, and then swing forward and backward, or lift it up and down. This has many advantages for improving the upper limbs, shoulders and chest movements of the person. It can also be used for shoulder and chest tightness.

  When walking forward with abdomen, continue to massage the vagina, abdomen and back waist with both hands, can effectively regulate the function of the spleen and stomach, correct the decline of kidney gas, and improve the metabolic function.

Relaxing walks and gentle abdominal massage can also supplement indigestion and chronic urinary tract diseases.

  Related: Walking diet is very effective If you have decided to put your walk into your own fitness program, there are some walking exercises for your reference: 1.

Ordinary walking method uses slow and medium speed walking, 30-60 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.

Suitable for leisure in beautiful places.


Fast walking method (recommended!

) Walk 5-7 kilometers per hour for 30-60 minutes each time.

Heart rate control is less than 120 beats per minute when walking, so you can cheer up.


Quantitative walking involves walking on flat and sloping ground.

For example, walk 100 meters on a 3 degree slope, gradually increase to 15 minutes on a 5 degree slope, and then walk on the ground for 15 minutes. After the massage, you can feel the unfortunate burning, it is very gratifying.But this little action must be persevering. She is not the way to lose weight quickly, but it is definitely a good helper for weight loss!