A magical little action after a meal, no matter how much fat you eat.

A magical little action after a meal, no matter how much fat you eat.

When the summer is over, the flesh on the waist is quietly shaped, and it is really distressing.

Today, I will share with you a magical posture that promotes gastrointestinal motility and promotes systemic metabolism and prevents unfortunate accumulation.

This excellence can help the digestive system and the circulatory system work faster and prevent excessive occurrences after you eat too much.

The role of a single-legged knee-shaped limb: the abdomen, forward, and leg muscles, promotes systemic metabolism, increases the slight burning rate, and is particularly effective for thin thighs.

It can also massage and stimulate the abdominal organs, prevent stomach pain and constipation, help gastrointestinal motility and digestion.

Station method: 1.

At the earliest on the mat, shift the center of gravity to the right leg, the right foot, and the right foot to press the pressure pad.


Bend your left knee, hands and fingers interlocked on the bone above the left leg, the left calf is perpendicular to the mat, inhale and raise the head to lift the chest cavity, the core strength is tightened, the exhalation shoulders are relaxed, the left heel is stepped out, and the back muscles of the thigh are tightened., keep 5?
8 breaths, exhale and change legs.

Looking together, it is the following action ▼ Tip: Be sure to keep your hips when you practice, and your legs are straight, so that your body is always on the same line.

You don’t have to worry about eating too much. If you can adjust it carefully, you won’t get fat, but long-term overdose is not recommended. This kind of lifestyle can be difficult to maintain by adjusting.

This action not only prevents temporary accumulation, but also flexes the waist, relieves tension in the lower hips and legs, and increases the strength of the lower back and legs.

Please note that when starting the exercise, you can’t stand without standing hard. You can try to practice by leaning against the wall. After the exercise is cooked, you can replace it yourself.

In addition, the elderly do not recommend this action to prevent accidental injury.

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