How to treat peptic ulcer diet digestive ulcer diet

How to treat peptic ulcer diet digestive ulcer diet

How to eat peptic ulcer?

To nurse patients with peptic ulcer, to maintain a good body, you need to follow the diet to avoid conditioning, enhance the body’s ability to resist disease, restore the normal physiological functions of the spleen and stomach, can alleviate or relieve the symptoms of stomach and stomach pain and discomfort, and promote smooth recovery.

Dietary therapy has a therapeutic effect without obvious adverse reactions, and is convenient to take, economical and practical, and easy to be accepted. Patients with peptic ulcer should pay attention to diet and nursed back to the diet.

Principles of Dietary Rehabilitation for Peptic Ulcer Patients 1. Nutrient-rich, easy-to-digest diets must first be digested by the stomach to complete the first step.

In the case of peptic ulcer in the body, the stomach should be properly rested, and the burden should not be increased. It should be supplemented with nutrient-rich, reduced dregs, easy to chew, and digested food.

Because the food containing the residue is not easy to chew, it is difficult to digest, and it has certain stimulation to the gastric mucosa, which may cause the ulcer to worsen or relapse the cured ulcer.

Usually the diet should be light and easy to digest. The requirement of light diet is that the five flavors should not be too much, and the spicy and frying tastes and the fat and sweet taste are controlled. This is due to the consideration of the digestion and absorption capacity of the stomach.

2, eating soft, avoid eating cold peptic ulcer patients with long course and easy to relapse, most patients with spleen and stomach weakness, lack of Zhongyang, Yunhua dereliction of duty.

Therefore, the diet is more important than spleen and qi, warm and medium transport, food should be selected warm, soft, slow, easy to digest, reduce gastric load.

Should not eat cold diet, because cold food damage spleen and stomach yang, affecting the spleen and stomach transport function, can cause pain relief in the stomach and stomach, abdominal distension and other symptoms, but also easy to make peptic ulcer worse or relapse of healing ulcers.

3, eat less meals, eat enough to eat too much each time, too much stomach swelling is insufficient, and even cause stomach expansion, so every time you eat 80% full.

In order to meet the needs of the body’s heat and nutrients, on a small food basis, you can arrange multiple meals, and you can eat 4 or 5 meals a day.

Multi-meal system should also pay attention to the law, that is, regular meals every day, so as not to disturb the secretion function of the stomach, and should avoid excessive excess.

If you want to get the food, you should eat it slowly, against the gorging, and the food can be chewed and absorbed to absorb and absorb, which can replace the burden.

4, eliminate the use of stagnation, supplement in the treatment of peptic ulcer need to continue to supplement nutrition to meet the needs of the body, but a long illness spleen and stomach weakness, a little careless, there will be food stagnation, spleen, or spleen, or food stopStomach cramps, especially in the rehabilitation stage of peptic ulcer, every easy to enter, eat and over, the most prone to food stagnation, it should be especially against the diet.

Should be based on the principle of spleen deficiency, food stagnation should be eliminated, diet and nourishment to eliminate the supplement, supplement in the elimination, too much can not be eliminated, the disease has been in the stomach.

And should pay attention to diet, in order to eliminate the drawbacks of injury.

5, should not be partial eclipse, food will also have a sexual taste after eating, such as excessive food or partial eclipse, it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach.

Over time, or heat, or fire, causing illness.

Therefore, patients with peptic ulcer should pay attention to prevent partial eclipse during diet conditioning. The diet should also pay attention to the course of treatment. It is not advisable to fill the same food.

Peptic ulcer patients are prone to postprandial stomach pain and bloating, so it is very important to maintain after eating, maintenance can not eliminate or reduce post-stomach stomach pain and bloating, but also help digestion, post-food maintenance should pay attention to eat after eating, eatAfter the avoidance of thinking, post-food taboo activities.

6, pay attention to caution, to avoid digestive dysfunction in patients with stomach peptic ulcer, can not tolerate some food, and some foods have damage to infection, especially when there is peptic ulcer, so peptic ulcer patientsFood choices should be considered, spicy and irritating foods, over-cold and cold foods, fatty and greasy foods, hard and rough foods, easily digestible foods, foods that are prone to bloating, and foods that are unclean.Be careful to avoid eating.

Tips: The diet of peptic ulcer should exceed the above principles, otherwise the treatment effect of the disease may not be ideal.