Eight one accumulation of healthy capital every day

Eight “one” accumulation of healthy capital every day

Dear friends, I want to know how to maintain your health most simply?
Want to know what kind of life details can keep your life healthy?
This is not a singular thing to say about dreams. It must be known that the high-rise buildings in Baizhang are on the ground, and health is not achieved overnight, but slowly accumulated.
As long as you do a little bit every day, it is actually turning these health details into one of your daily schedules, so that you will be healthy and healthy.
  A cup of boiled water in the morning and evening. Fresh boiled water is the best choice.
Boiled water is a natural state of water that has been boiled after being purified by multiple layers. The microorganisms in the water have been killed in high temperature, and the calcium and magnesium in boiling water are very beneficial to the health of the body.
Studies have shown that hard water containing elements such as calcium and magnesium has the effect of preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  Many people think that drinking light salt water is good for their health, so they drink light salt water in the morning. This kind of understanding is wrong.
Studies have shown that people do not drink dripping during sleep all night, but breathing, perspiration, and urinary tract are still in progress, and these physiological activities consume a lot of water.
Getting up in the morning, such as drinking some boiled water, can quickly dilute the blood and correct the hypertonic dehydration at night.
Drinking salt water will increase the hypertonic dehydration, which makes it more dry.
Moreover, the morning is the first peak of the body’s blood pressure, drinking salt water will make blood pressure higher.
  It is best not to drink juice, cola, soft drinks, coffee, milk, etc. in the first cup of water in the morning.
Most carbonated beverages such as soda and cola contain citric acid, which accelerates calcium excretion during metabolism and lowers the calcium content in the blood. Long-term drinking can lead to calcium deficiency.
While other beverages have a diuretic effect, drinking in the morning can not effectively replenish the water that the body lacks, but also increase the body’s demand for water, which in turn causes water shortage in the body.
  A multi-vitamin complex In modern women, women who are dieting for weight loss abound, which makes it difficult to ensure adequate nutrition.
Therefore, supplementing essential vitamins and trace elements every day is a must for modern beauty care.
If you are over 30 years old, in order to delay the onset of aging, vitamins C and E must be supplemented.
  Vitamins are a class of organic compounds necessary for maintaining human health, promoting growth and development, and regulating physiological functions.
These compounds are present in natural foods and are generally not synthesized or synthesized in vivo and are not sufficient to meet the needs.
  A cup of vinegar Juice vinegar can improve the body’s immunity.
Fruit juice vinegar is rich in vitamins and amino acids, which can synthesize calcium acetate in the body and calcium, enhance the absorption of calcium, and strengthen the body.
Fruit juice vinegar is also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell cancer and cell aging and increases the body’s resistance.
In addition, workers in vinegar factories rarely catch a cold, which is already a well-known common sense.
Acetic acid has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and can prevent colds.
  For those who love colds, you can drink a bottle of juice vinegar before going out for breakfast, to resist the cold on the way to work in the morning, and not to catch a cold.
Especially in the winter, you can drink juice vinegar to drink, so there is no stimulation to the stomach, but also make the vinegar disinfection effect better.
  In the afternoon, drink fruit vinegar to get rid of fatigue.
For office workers, juice vinegar is the best drink to eliminate fatigue.
  In general, fruit vinegar contains more than ten kinds of organic acids and various amino acids required by the human body.
The type of vinegar is different, and the content of organic acids is also different.
They make aerobic metabolism smooth, which helps to remove deposited lactic acid and eliminate fatigue.
  After a long period of labor and strenuous exercise, a large amount of lactic acid will be produced in the human body, and people will feel particularly tired. For example, drinking a small bottle of fruit vinegar at this time can promote the recovery of metabolic function, thereby eliminating fatigue.
  Generally speaking, the time around 3 pm is the most time-consuming period of the day. You can choose to drink 250 ml of juice vinegar at this time, which can be very effective.
  A bag of fresh milk This is used to supplement calcium and also helps with beauty.
Because milk is the cheapest and most effective cosmetic mask.
  A bottle of mineral water must choose a veritable mineral water, which contains trace elements and minerals that are very needed by the body.
  A cup of tea A woman must drink tea. If there is no problem with the stomach, green tea and oolong tea are best.Especially for women who want to lose weight, tea is the most natural and effective weight loss agent. Nothing can eliminate acetate more than tea.

  Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea that contains almost no vitamin C, but it can reduce iron, calcium and other minerals, and contains ingredients that promote digestion and decomposition of fatty acids.

Before meals, drinking a cup of oolong tea after a meal can promote slight decomposition and become directly transferred to the body without being absorbed by the body to prevent excessive excessive intake.

  Green tea has the effect of cooling off the heat and is good for computer radiation (people who are cold can’t drink); because green tea tastes bitter cold, has heat, heat, detoxification, fire, dryness, thirst, Shengjin, strongHeart refreshing function.

Green tea green leaf green soup, fresh and refreshing, tastes sweet and slightly bitter and cold, causing vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients. Drinking both has the effect of cooling off heat and adding nutrients.