[Effects and side effects of Dangshen]_Recommended diet

[Effects and side effects of Dangshen]_Recommended diet

Codonopsis is an expensive Chinese medicinal material, and its value for health care is very high.

The main effect of Codonopsis is to invigorate qi, which can achieve a good conditioning effect for solving the problems of many patients and friends who are often prone to mental depression and weakness in daily life.

This medicine is also often used with Poria, Astragalus and other traditional Chinese medicines to cure its own diseases.

However, everyone needs to know the efficacy and substitution of Codonopsis in advance.

The efficacy of Codonopsis is manifested in many aspects.

Codonopsis has a wide range of pharmacological effects on its own heart and cerebrovascular system, helps to promote blood circulation, and greatly reduces its own chance of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

This is also a nourishing medicine that can achieve a good effect of prolonging life.

It also helps to regulate your own nerves, and has a significant effect on improving the amazing problem of insomnia that many middle-aged and elderly friends have.

It is very suitable for some elderly middle-aged and old friends, and can effectively enhance their disease resistance.

Although it is said that Codonopsis sibiricum has a lot of benefits for itself, some medicines exert more or less influence on the human body while exerting their main effects.

It is recommended that you do not take this medicine or do not use too much medicine. Otherwise, you may hurt your righteousness due to too much qi, which will cause you to have dryness.

If a friend of a patient suffers from nausea and vomiting while taking this medicine, he should also stop taking the medicine immediately and seek professional doctor’s treatment.

Knowing the efficacy and substitution of Codonopsis in advance can help everyone to progress and avoid harm. Different Codonopsis has different effects on different people. However, the effect of Codonopsis in strengthening the qi and strengthening the spleen and lung is very obvious.

Codonopsis can also effectively suppress gastric acid secretion, reduce gastric acid concentration, protect its own gastric mucosa, and have a significant anti-ulcer effect.