Psychological trauma is the aging star

Psychological trauma is the aging star

Psychological trauma will bury hidden dangers and make the brain age prematurely.

A study in a country reported that mental illness caused by a huge psychological trauma may damage the memory area of the brain.

Even if the disease heals, brain damage will make the symptoms of old-age forgetfulness come early.

  Among the survivors of the Second World War, some people suffered from a mental illness called post-traumatic stress disorder. The symptoms were frequent nightmares, often fear, paralysis and memory loss.

  To investigate the relationship between this disease and memory impairment, scientists at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York studied the condition of some patients in their old age.

  Scientists chose some survivors of the Nazi Holocaust during the Second World War as subjects and used a pair of ordinary people as controls.

These Holocaust survivors have applied stress barriers after stretching.

  At the age of 67 and 72, the scientists tested them separately on memory and asked them to remember the connections between common words.

It has been previously found that people experiencing age growth will have a decline in their ability to remember in this area.

  Tests have shown that ordinary people who have never experienced a huge psychological trauma score almost in both tests, while those with stress disorder after fracture have a significantly lower score at 67 years of age than at ordinary age.Only half of the questions can be answered. The latter case usually occurs after the age of 80 in ordinary people.

  This shows that psychological trauma can bury hidden dangers and make the brain aging in advance.

This may be because people experience a lot of adrenaline in the body when they experience events such as disasters or wars.

This hormone acts on the hippocampus of the brain’s memory, causing it to shrink.

Counting meat 8 major hazards

Counting meat 8 major hazards

Meat is nutritious, but eating too much is not good for the body.

This article lists the 8 major hazards that meat can bring to your health. Please pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables.

  What is the danger of meat?

  The Eskimos are mainly in the inner class, mainly adults, with an average age of only 27.5 years.

The Gilles, a tribal ethnic group in East Russia, eats meat mainly, matures early, and few people are over forty years old.

In contrast, anthropologists have observed and recorded, such as Hangrui in Pakistan, Otto in Mexico, and indigenous people in the southwestern United States are non-meat-eaters, but they have health, vitality and longevity.

These tribes have a healthy and lively body with a life expectancy of over one hundred and eleven.

And world health statistics continue to show that countries with excessive meat consumption have a high rate of disease (such as high blood pressure and cancer), while vegetarians in different countries tend to have a much lower rate of disease.

  Why meat eaters are more susceptible to disease and death poisoning Because of the fear before the animal is killed, and the pain in being killed, the biochemical effects in the body have changed dramatically.

The toxins are all over the body, and the entire body is poisoned.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, toxins in the body, including uric acid and other toxic excretions, appear in the blood and body tissues: “If compared with 56% of the unclean water contained in the beefThe protein obtained from the grains of nuts and beans seems to be much more pure.

“It is presupposed that our body will get sick in the tension of fear or anger. Animals are tantamount to human beings, and there are also great chemical changes in dangerous situations.

The hormones in the blood of animals, especially the adrenaline jujube, when they see other animals lying around them, and struggled in vain for life and freedom, their secretion will change completely.

Such a large amount of hormones remain in the flesh and then poison the human body tissue.

The US nutrition agency pointed out: “The meat of animal corpses contains toxic blood and other excretions.

“The cancer has recently reported a study of 50,000 vegetarians, which has caused great shock in cancer research.

The report pointed out that this group of people with a low proportion of cancer is quite shocking.

The proportion of various types of cancer occurring in this group of people is significantly reduced compared to people of the same age and gender.

The research report shows that they are clearly able to get involved.

A recent report on Mormons in California pointed out that the proportion of cancer in this group is 50% less than that of the average person.

Mormons are characterized by less meat.

  Why are meat eateres more likely to get cancer?

One of the reasons may be that when the animal’s meat is released for a few days, it becomes a sick blue-gray.

In order not to discolor them, the meat merchants added nitrates, nitrite nitrates and other preservatives.

These things make the meat look bright red.

But there are persistent reports that these things contain carcinogens.

  Dr. William Likinsk, who specializes in cancer at the Tulna National O’Cary Laboratory, said: “Is nitrate-containing things, even feeding cats.

“The British and American Academy of Sciences have compared the microbes in the intestines of carnivores and vegetarians and found significant differences.

When the microorganisms contained in the intestines of the meat eaters interact with the digestive juice, the chemicals produced are considered to cause cancer.

This may explain why bowel cancer is common in carnivorous areas such as North America and Western Europe, while in vegetable-based areas such as India.

Perhaps, for example, in the United States, bowel cancer is the second (after dialysis); Scots, who eat 20% more beef than the British, have the highest proportion of bowel cancer in the world.

  Chemical food eating meat is often referred to as “the end of the food chain.”

In nature, eating food has a long chain of links: plants eat sunlight, air, water; zoos eat plants.

Large animals or humans eat small animals.

Planting around the world is now treated with toxic chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides).

These poisons stay on animals that eat plants and grass.

Perhaps, for example, spraying DDT in food as a pesticide, this is a strong poison, the Academy of Sciences believes that it causes cancer, infertility or severe liver disease.

DDT and other similar insecticides are kept in light animals and fish, and once stored, they are difficult to destroy.Therefore, when cows graze or feed, they actually eat some pesticides, and most of them are kept in them, so when you eat meat, you accumulate the essence of DDT and others in the animal.The chemicals are eaten into your body.

Since it eats food at the end of the food chain, humans become the ultimate absorber of highly crystalline pesticides.

In fact, the DDT included in meat is 13 times higher than that included in vegetables, fruits, and grass.

Experiments conducted at Iowa State University show that DDT in most human bodies is meat.

  But the toxins in meat don’t stop there.

In order to accelerate their growth, obesity, improve the color of the meat, animals for meat often eat more chemicals.

In order to obtain the most profitable meat, the animals were forced to feed, and the hormones were stimulated to grow, giving them appetizers, antibiotics, tranquilizers and chemical mixed feeds.

The New York Times once reported: “The hidden pollution poison is a considerable potential crisis for meat absorbers.

Among the remaining pesticides, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals are all.”

Many of these chemicals are thought to cause cancer, and in fact, many animals have died of these drugs before they are slaughtered.

  When the implant was changed to an animal farm, many animals had never seen the sun. Their life was spent in a cramped and cold environment, and the final outcome was a miserable death.

The Chicago Forum has reported on the fact that efficient chicken farms have been reported.

On the top layer is hatching eggs; then the chicks are stimulated to grow, take medicine, and force feeding; they gorge in small cages and never move or absorb fresh air.

As they grow older, they move to the next level of the cage, so they go down and when they reach the bottom, they are slaughtered.

Such an unnatural approach not only destroys the balance of chemicals in the body, but also destroys the natural habits, and unfortunately, the emergence of malignant tumors and deformities is inevitable.

  Animal Diseases Another danger faced by carnivores is that animals often infect certain diseases that are often not detected or ignored by the meat dealer or inspector.

It is often the case that some parts of the animal’s body grow cancer or tumors, and after the diseased part is cut, the rest is still sold.

To make matters worse, some concretes with some long tumors contain food such as “hot dogs” in the meat.

In one area of the United States, 25,000 animal carcinos are used to sell beef.

Scientists have found in experiments that if the liver of a sick animal is used to feed fish, the fish will also get cancer.

Zilog, a famous vegetarian doctor, said when he sat down to eat a vegetarian dinner: “When eating, don’t worry that the food you eat is dying of illness. It is a good thing.

“The ethical perhaps the most competitive argument of non-meat eater is the relationship between meat and cardiovascular.

In the United States, one in every two people dies from cardiovascular disease, which is rarely heard in countries with low meat consumption.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported in 1971 that “vegetables can prevent at least 90 to 97 percent of heart disease.”

  What is in the meat that causes so much damage to the circulatory system?

Aunts in animal meat, such as cholesterol, do not break down in the human body. These aunts are attached to the blood vessel wall of the meat eater.

As a result of constant accumulation, the internal pressure of the blood vessels will become narrower and narrower, and the amount of blood that can pass will become less and less.

This dangerous situation is called heart disease.

It puts a great burden on the heart, shrinking it to force the blood to clog and tighten blood vessels.

Results Hypertension, cerebral congestion, palpitations and other problems have occurred.

Recently, Harvard’s academy found that vegetarians generally have lower blood pressure than non-vegetarians.

During the Korean War, two hundred American military bodies with an average age of 22 years were examined. About 80% of the people showed arteriosclerosis due to the entanglement of meat waste.

Korean soldiers of the same age do not have this phenomenon.

Koreans are basically based on vegetables.

  Now we can understand that the nation’s number one killer and crime is already quite extensive.

More and more doctors are strictly limiting the amount of meat their patients can supplement.

They even ask the patient not to eat meat at all.

The Academy of Sciences now recognizes that the roughness and fiber quality of vegetarian foods can actually lower cholesterol.

Dr. Regist, director of the Department of Nutrition at Loma Linda University in California, has done experiments to confirm that even if you eat a lot of cream, the substances contained in beans can reduce cholesterol.

  Corruption When an animal is killed, the protein in the body will condense and produce a self-decomposing enzyme.Soon, a denatured substance called “corpse poison” was formed.

Since the corpse is released immediately after death, the meat, fish and eggs of the animal have a common property. The jujube quickly breaks down the corruption.

At the same time, when the animals are slaughtered, they are refrigerated, then transported to the butcher’s shop, then bought home, frozen, boiled and eaten. We can imagine how much the dinner has been spoiled.

  As we know, in humans, the digestive system of humans is not intended to use meat, so it passes very slowly in the body.

It takes about five days for the meat to pass through the human body.

During this period, the rickets produced by carrion are constantly in contact with the digestive organs.

The colon part produces a toxic condition, and the intermediate is quickly ground.

Raw meat, because it is often in a corrupt situation, pollutes the chef and anything it touches.

After a poisoning incident at a slaughterhouse, the British Public Health Bureau warned housewives: “It is unsanitary to treat raw meat as if it were cow dung.

“Normally, toxic microbes will not be destroyed even by cooking.

Especially if the meat is not cooked, or just a slight barbecue, as it is, it will become a source of infection.

  The most obvious wastes of kidney disease, gout, and arthritis are urea and uric acid.

Perhaps as per pound of beef contains about four grams of uric acid.

An American doctor once analyzed the urine dialysis of carnivores and vegetarians and found that in order to expel nitrogen compounds, the meat burden of carnivores is three times that of vegetarians.

When a person is still young, they can still bear the burden, so there is no harm or illness.

However, when the age is getting longer and the kidneys are prematurely depleted, they can no longer function effectively, so kidney disease will follow.

When the kidney can no longer handle the excessive burden caused by meat, the uric acid that cannot be eliminated is stored in the body, and the muscle absorbs and absorbs like a sponge; when the water is dried, it hardens to form a crystal.

When it stays in the joints, symptoms such as gout, rheumatism, and arthritis are produced.

When uric acid accumulates in the nerves, it develops neuritis and sciatica.

There are many doctors who do not want to stop eating meat completely, or strictly limit their meat intake.

  Difficulties in excretion Since our digestive system is not suitable for eating meat, the continuous excretion of meat eaters is an inevitable result.

Meat, because of its shortcomings of fiberiness, moves very slowly in the body’s digestive tract, so chronic constipation is almost a common distress in our society.

  Many modern research reports show that the fiber that is gradually excreted by healthy parties is only obtained from the right vegetarian food.

In contrast to meat, vegetables, cereals and fruits retain dissolved water and are easily passed through the digestive tract.

Vegetables have a large amount of natural dietary fiber, which is preventing disease.

According to modern research, natural fiber can effectively prevent appendicitis, colitis, hypertension and obesity.

How do you increase your weight and make your hips?

How do you increase your weight and make your hips?

Fat and thin girls, want to create a beautiful buttocks, the first trouble is definitely how to gain fat and beautiful buttocks, in fact, you can gain fat and beautiful buttocks through the method of beautiful buttocks and sports beautiful buttocks!

Here are the tips for the beautiful buttocks and three kinds of sports and beautiful hips. Come and learn!

  Thin and beautiful women, I hope that the hip type can be tilted a bit, and the original bamboo-shaped beauty of the buttocks, how to put the cost of the hip type, and then create magic?

  For people who are thin, it may be that parents have not taken good care before puberty, but now that you have grown up, you must do your homework for sculpting!

In terms of diet, you can eat high-nutrition things, even meat that girls don’t dare to eat. You don’t have to be too scared. You can also eat more seaweed, such as kelp, sea cucumber, crab, squid, shrimp,This kind of high protein stuff like Haizhepi will be very suitable for you.

  If you are a skinny and thinner beauty, you can follow the editors out of nothing, and you will be able to do it in a flat, meat-free sport!

  Lift the beautiful buttocks movement 1.

Inhale, put your body on the exercise mat, bend your elbows 90 degrees, palm down, right leg bent 90 degrees, lie on the yoga bricks, the left leg straight, the toes point on the ground, the bodyAnd the spine maintains a straight line, or wears a chiropractic band, and the complications are shaken or left in a U shape.


Exhale, the straight left leg will be raised from the ground.

At this time, be careful not to appear that the back is concave and the belly is convex forward.

  This action is a standard action from step 1 to step 2, and 8-12 times for each leg of the left and right legs.

  The clip is a beautiful hip exercise.

Inhale, with your hands on your back, the energy yoga bricks are clipped to the thighs (the roots of the thighs closest to the buttocks), and the toes are naturally facing forward.


Exhale, stretch your hands backwards, and apply force from the hip cavity and thighs. Clamp the energy yoga bricks continuously. The number of seconds of clamping warpage is equal to your weight in kilograms. For example, 42 kg of Sun Yanzi is correct.The hip seconds are 42 seconds.

  It’s quite a beautiful hip exercise.

Inhale, place your body on the exercise mat, hold the energy yoga bricks on both knees, bend your legs, place your feet on the ground, put your hands on the left and right sides, and lower your palms.


The hip cavity is pressurized to lift the body, and the yoga bricks are clamped on the knees to enhance the hip-lifting effect. This action stops in the air for 12-18 seconds, and the breath can be breathed freely.

It is said that this is the taste of love, take a taste?

It is said that this is the taste of love, take a taste?

In Italy, Tiramisu means “take me away immediately”, meaning that if you eat these delicious foods, you will be happy and floating like a fairyland.

Regarding the historical origin of Tiramisu, I have heard a story about a boy who made a girl a tiramisu. The girl may become a boy’s deep love and marry him.

Since then, the tiramisu cake has become synonymous with love and love.

“Tiramisu” original author Jun’s preparation material master mascarpone cheese 250g / rum 8g lemon juice 3g / gelatin 10g egg yolk 3 / fresh cream 110g / sugar 50g accessories coffee honey (coffee liqueurFingers and biscuits Two small servings: three-inch 8-inch square mousse ring and 6-inch round mousse ring.

Make step 1.

Mascarpone is allowed to soften at room temperature.


Add rum and lemon juice to the softened Mascarpen to make it smooth and smooth.


Add the gelatin tablets to the ice water to soften.


Add 20 grams of fine granulated sugar to the egg yolk, and whipped the heat-insulating water until it is completely fused.


Add the soft gelatin to the beaten egg yolk paste and stir until the gelatin is completely melted.


Add 30 g of fine granulated sugar to the fresh cream and whipped until wet foaming.


Stir the above mascarpone, egg yolk paste and whipped cream, and set aside.


Brush the coffee honey on the finger biscuits (coffee liqueur).


Wrap the mousse ring in tin foil and spread the finger cookies of the coffee honey on the bottom.


Pour half of the cheese paste into the mousse circle.


Spread a layer of finger biscuits and pour the remaining cheese paste.

Add to the refrigerator for freezing.


After demolding, a layer of cocoa powder is sieved on the surface of the cake.


Circle the finger biscuits around the cake.


Finally, use the white powdered sugar on the surface of the cake to sift out your favorite pattern.

Tip: Due to the tiramisu non-baked cake, the materials used are novel, especially eggs.

Companionship is the longest confession

Hobby is a blind health medicine

Hobby is a blind health medicine

After working for decades, I retired, some people are happy, some are lost.

The reason for this contrast is related to whether there is any hobby in the past.

After retirement, people with hobbies have a lot of freedom and plenty of time to further improve their hobbies.

A person who has no hobbies, who suffers from feeling empty, is very depressed.

There is an old comrade who has nothing to do but to cook and clean at home after retirement.

When chatting with him, he said that he missed the time of going to work. Now he often feels blocked and his chest is stuffy.

I said, look for a hobby.

He said, I am so old, what hobbies can I have?

It turned out that he turned his hobby into a good thing.

Hobbies, to be blunt, is what you like to do.

I told him that the so-called hobby is to find a fun for yourself.

I designed a hobby for him at the time.

I said, you usually do not smoke, there is no consumption, go to the lottery station every day to buy a lottery ticket, as long as 2 yuan; but the mentality must be peaceful, do not have the luxury of winning, only to play.

Since you have levied 2 yuan, you will use your brains to study the numbers.

Afterwards, you will think about whether your analysis and judgment are correct, and look forward to the arrival of the draw day. You can see the results.

Day after day, you have a hope.

This is a hobby.

  Hobbies are such a simple thing.

People have hobbies, they are cherished in spirit, and they are enriched.

Hobbies are not only chess and paintings, insects and flowers; not completely inventing and identifying collections; not just practicing martial arts, tourism exploration.

I saw that some people in the newspaper reported that an old man would be described as his hobby.

He has a pension and is not worried about his life. He uses the money he has exchanged for the help of poor children to go to school. Therefore, he feels very happy.

  Li Yu, a famous drama theorist in the Qing Dynasty, said: “Su Changle can be used as a medicine.

“That is to say, things that you usually like to do, or hobbies can be used as medicine.”

From the point of view of health, hobbies are indeed a kind of medicine, and it is a medicine that nourishes the heart.

Hobbies, this medicine is not only suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, but also suitable for young people who are still working.

Dysentery should start with changing lifestyle habits

Dysentery should start with changing lifestyle habits

According to the data, the male waist circumference is more than 88 cm, and the female waist circumference is more than 78 cm.

Central diabetes is a risk factor for chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Among them, central obese men are at higher risk of diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia, more than twice as high as normal people; women with hypertension and diabetesThe risk is three to four times higher than normal.

  Jin Wensheng explained that there are tiny complications in the abdominal cavity. The body is surrounded by multiple organs. These excesses will gradually release harmful chemicals, affecting the body’s normal metabolism and insulin secretion, leading to abnormal blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipid levels.It is prone to acute and embolic, and can even cause an acute attack of cardiovascular disease.

At the same time, the extra small amount of hoarding in the body will flow with the blood between the various organs of the body, which may cause tiny accumulation in the organ, resulting in accumulation of organs, such as accumulation in the liver, mild liver, cirrhosis,Intensive kidneys can cause kidney disease and the like.

  In addition, due to the high weight load, the joints of such a large central population are subject to the burden of ordinary people’s weight, and arthritis is prone to occur; while a small amount of excessive accumulation may cause lungs to suffer from mild long-term compression and lungs.The function is reduced, etc.

  Whether it is central obesity or general obesity, it poses a threat to health.

As the number of diseases that may be caused by it is increasing and the population is becoming more and more popular, the public should actively prevent obesity.

  Director Jin believes that for adults, especially those who have serious problems, controlling the central excess should be a “constant mindfulness” concept, because once the intestines begin to expand, it is difficult to lose weight.

He suggested that daily diet should strive to achieve regular quantitative, eat less sweets, eat more vegetarian food, eat less snacks.

At the same time, people who sit in the office often participate in outdoor activities such as jogging, mountain climbing, and boxing. They can enhance physical fitness, make body shape, and prevent central obesity.

  He reminded that some girls pay close attention to their abdomen, and once they have a slight bulge, they immediately diet or even fast.

“In this case, it is not recommended to completely diet, take weight-loss drugs and other blind fast weight loss methods, or should start slowly from the establishment of healthy living habits, adhere to a stable, reasonable way to lose weight.

“It is not necessary to abuse drugs and perform liposuction because of excessive central overdose. You must pass the examination according to your doctor’s advice.”

Diet and weight loss are very effective 8 kinds of scraping food, don’t miss it

Diet and weight loss are very effective 8 kinds of scraping food, don’t miss it

What should I do if I want to lose weight?

For the dieter, the choice of weight loss method is very important. In addition to exercise, the body can actually achieve weight loss through diet adjustment.

Today, Xiaobian introduces 8 kinds of scraped food to everyone, I hope you don’t miss it.

   Oatmeal has the effect of lowering cholesterol and lowering blood fat.

Because oats contain rich soluble dietary fiber that is not found in other grains, the fiber is easily absorbed by the body and has low radiation, which is beneficial to both weight loss and the need for diet for heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

  Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and carotene, and also contains fibrous.

Regular consumption of corn can lower cholesterol and soften blood vessels, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on cholecystitis, gallstones and diabetes.

  Onions, garlic and onions contain compounds such as allicin and methionine, which help to dissolve the thrombus.

Onions contain almost no traces, so they can inhibit plasma elevation caused by high-concentration diet and help to improve atherosclerosis.

Garlic can lower serum total cholesterol, and the secondary metabolite of allicin, methyl starch trisulfide, can prevent blood clots.

  Yam’s mucus protein can prevent micro-deposition of the cardiovascular system, maintain blood vessel elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce subcutaneous fecal deposition, and avoid obesity.

Dopamine in yam has the function of dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

Yam can also improve the digestive function of the human body. If there is indigestion, you can use yam, lotus seeds, simmer and add a small amount of sugar to cook.

  Sweet potato has cancer to lower blood cholesterol, maintain blood acid-base balance, delay aging and prevent cancer, and anti-cancer effect.

Sweet potato is rich in sedimentary fiber and colloidal defecation substances, which can be described as “intermediate scavenger”.

  Jujube multi-food can improve the body’s antioxidant and immune ability, and is also effective in lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride.

  Hawthorn can strengthen and regulate the myocardium, increase the ventricle, atrial motion amplitude and coronary blood flow, but also reduce blood stasis and promote metabolism.

  Apple’s pectin has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol.

Apple is rich in potassium, which can eliminate excess sodium in the body. For example, eating apples every day is good for maintaining blood pressure and blood fat.

  What foods can help everyone lose weight?

The 8 kinds of foods introduced to everyone, the scraping effect is very good, if you are worried about losing weight, try it.

Three small drugs to control blood pressure can help the elderly to regulate low blood pressure

Three small drugs to control blood pressure can help the elderly to regulate low blood pressure

Once the elderly have low blood pressure, the use of Chinese medicine treatment will have a better effect.

Chinese medicine believes that low blood pressure is associated with congenital deficiency, acquired dystrophy, fatigue and injury, blood loss and gas consumption.

Usually you can eat more yam, coix seed, longan, lychee, hazelnut, chestnut, walnut, red dates, ginseng, astragalus and so on.

  Hypertension is a common disease in the elderly, but in fact, low blood pressure is equally harmful to the elderly.

According to outpatient statistics, among the middle-aged and elderly women with high blood pressure and dizziness, low blood pressure accounts for about one-fifth.

  It is generally believed that blood pressure can be called “hypotension” if it is maintained at 90/60 mmHg or less for a long time.

Medical surveys show that in the elderly, 2 out of 5 stroke patients, 1/4 of patients with myocardial infarction are caused by hypotension.

  Why do low blood pressure in the elderly induce stroke and myocardial infarction?

Because with age, the degree of vascular sclerosis in humans will continue to increase, especially cerebral arteriosclerosis and coronary atherosclerosis, resulting in a gradual weakening or loss of blood flow regulation. Only a certain blood pressure can maintain proper blood flow.

When the blood pressure is too low, the blood flow is slow, and the blood flow of the cerebrovascular and coronary arteries is reduced, resulting in blood supply and insufficient oxygen supply.

At the same time, slowing blood flow can easily lead to embolism, which can lead to stroke or myocardial infarction.

  Once the elderly have low blood pressure, the use of Chinese medicine treatment will have a better effect.
Chinese medicine believes that low blood pressure is associated with congenital deficiency, acquired dystrophy, fatigue and injury, blood loss and gas consumption.

Usually you can eat more yam, coix seed, longan, lychee, hazelnut, chestnut, walnut, red dates, ginseng, astragalus and so on.

In meat, you should eat lean pork, lamb and chicken, and pigeon meat; vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and rich trace elements. You should also eat more foods, especially soybeans, black beans, red beans and other legumes.Great benefit.

  In addition, some Chinese medicine drugs can also be used for axial boosting, and the elderly can be used appropriately.

The following are common: 1.

6 grams of ginseng, 15 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 9 grams of Schisandra, taken after decoction, 1 dose per day, and even served for 1 week.


Cinnamon, cassia twig, licorice each 10 grams, soaked in boiling water for tea, and even served for 10-20 days.


30 grams of Huang Jing, 30 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of licorice, Shuijianbi, 1 day.

  In addition, moxibustion treatment has a better effect on hypotension. Commonly used moxibustion Baihui, Shenque, Guanyuan, Qihai, Zusanli and other points, persevere, you can receive obvious results.

This way, the phone will be very hurt.

This way, the phone will be very hurt.

With the development of modern life, the role of mobile phones in our lives is becoming more and more important.

It can be said that outside the area where there is no signal in the mountains, people in other communication networks can cover the loyal users of mobile phones.

However, in the daily use of our mobile phones, how many methods are not harmful to the body?

When you put your phone on your ear and say “feed” aloud, the phone radiation also quietly changes your body. The fast-paced way of working makes us have “intimate contact” with the mobile phone every day, electromagnetic radiation.It also quietly hurts our body and weight invisibly, experts remind people to change seven bad calling habits: private calls “hidden into the corner and whispered.”

For phones that involve private content, many people like to hide in the corner of the building to answer.

In general, the signal coverage in the corner of the building is relatively poor, so the radiant power of the mobile phone will be increased to some extent.

For the same reason, when you are in a small, closed environment such as an elevator, you should also use your mobile phone carefully.

  Hold the phone close to your ear when dialing the phone.

When the phone dials out and is not connected, the radiation will be significantly enhanced. At this point, the phone should be separated from the right side and talked about five seconds later.

  Hang your phone around your neck or waist.

The radiation range of a mobile phone is a nested belt centered on a mobile phone, and the distance between the mobile phone and the human body determines the extent to which radiation is absorbed by the human body.

Therefore, people and mobile phones need to maintain “the beauty of distance.”

Some medical experts have pointed out that people with heart failure and arrhythmia can’t especially hang their mobile phones on their chests.

If the mobile phone is often hung on the waist or abdomen of the human body, it may affect the function of the newborn.

The surrounding health and safety method is to put the phone in a carry-on bag and try to put it on the outer layer of the bag to ensure good signal coverage.

  The weaker the cell phone signal, the closer the ear is attached.

When the cell phone signal weakens, many people instinctively try to get the phone close to the ear.

However, according to the working principle of the mobile phone, in the case of a weak signal, the mobile phone automatically increases the transmitting power of the electromagnetic wave, so that the radiation intensity is significantly increased.

At this time, the ear is close, and the radiation received by the head is multiplied.

  ”One ear” 煲 “mobile porridge”.

Studies have shown that continuous continuous radiation can cause brain damage.

Experts suggest that it is not advisable to use a mobile phone to talk continuously. Consider changing to a fixed line or using a headset. If you have to use a mobile phone for a long time to talk directly, you should also rotate the left and right ears every one or two minutes.

Long-term neck call.

Studies have shown that long-term excessive tilting of the side or gradual insertion can lead to a tip-type stroke, and the blade of the phone is prone to ulceration.

  Go east and west, and move continuously.

Some people like to unconsciously squat and move around while playing a mobile phone, but they do not know that the continuous moving position will cause the strength of the received signal to fluctuate, resulting in short-time high-power transmission.

In addition, when the mobile phone is used in the transported vehicle, the mobile phone may provide a service for avoiding excessive replacement of the area, and at the same time, specify a wide-powered base station with a wider coverage, and the transmission power transmission is increased due to the increase of the transmission distance.

  Do not use other items while you are on the phone during a call or send and receive text messages. In particular, do not use food. Be careful of your mouth.

Try not to lend the phone to others to avoid cross-infection.

It is best to gently wipe the keyboard, screen and other parts of the phone with a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol once a week.

If you can’t bear to be “severely tortured” by alcohol, you can also go to the mobile phone customer service and clean it by ultraviolet light or ozone.

  Keep the phone at least 5 cm away from your body during a call.

When the mobile phone has no power, it is best not to make a phone call when charging. Many people encounter the phone when there is no power. Because they are afraid of delaying the phone call, they often charge the phone.

If you do not perform any mobile phone operation when charging, it will not affect the life of the phone.

However, if you are charging, you can make calls, send text messages, and play games, thus causing damage to mobile phones, people and batteries.

  When the voltage of the mobile phone is higher than the standby time, if the telephone is operated at the same time, the voltage at the moment of talking or connecting to the network will exceed the normal multiple times, which may damage the sensitive and complicated parts inside the mobile phone, resulting in loss of the mobile phone.

In fact, the radiation during charging is also dozens of times more than usual, causing human damage.

Therefore, when the mobile phone is charged in the power-on state, it is best not to do the call and other operations.When sleeping, don’t put your phone next to the pillow. It is best not to use a mobile phone for pregnant women.

When you talk, you change your body forward regularly.

This will distract the radiation that the body is exposed to.

Send more text messages and make fewer calls, which will reduce the contact time between the phone and the head.

What kind of porridge is good for men in winter?

What kind of porridge is good for men in winter?

First: Raw simmered porridge materials: loach, peanuts, rice, broccoli, coriander, vegetable oil, soy sauce, sugar, salt, chopped green onion: drain the cleaned rice, then add a small amount of salt to pickleMinutes; put the rice and peanuts together in the pot and porridge; remove the fresh loach to remove the bones and internal organs, then clean them, then use salt, vegetable oil and soy sauce, and pickle together; when the white porridge is ready, add the prepared loach.After the water is opened, add the parsley and the chopped green onion.

Tips: Loach is a common ingredient, it is delicious, and the nutrient content is very rich. In addition to the cooking method of porridge, it can also be fried, steamed and so on.

In addition, after the viscera is cleaned and cleaned, it is best to add a small amount of salt and cooking wine to make the meat more clean.

Efficacy: Loach is a kind of high protein but low in trace content, the nutritional value is very high, very suitable for the elderly, children and pregnant women.

Winter is a season of high incidence of various respiratory diseases, and many people will have coughing.

At this time, the right amount of some muddy, can completely eliminate the effect of wet heat and Buzhong Yiqi.

Second: Suanzaoren porridge material: jujube, rice practice: remove the jujube from the jujube, then clean the jujube and rice and put it into the pot and take it.

Efficacy: This recipe is rich in protein, as well as trace oils, vitamins, etc., which can cause good analgesia, antihypertensive and hypnotic effects after taking it.

If you have a bad sleep quality or a high blood pressure, or a lack of blood and insomnia, then taking this recipe is a very good choice.

Third: milk sugar has been rice porridge material: the previous rice, milk, sugar practice: add the appropriate amount of water in the casserole and clean the rice together with porridge, boil the fire for a hour after the fire is boiled; wait until the rice porridge changesAdd the prepared milk when it is sticky, and then start the pot after boiling at the same time. Then add the prepared sugar and mix it evenly.

Tips: The time of milk addition must be paid special attention, can not be added too early, otherwise it will destroy the nutrients contained in milk.

Efficacy: This recipe has a good effect.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the previous rice level is not only good for health and gastrointestinal function, but also has the effect of supplementing labor.

In addition, many people are intolerant of lactose contained in milk when drinking milk, resulting in diarrhea or stomach pain.

At this time, only the milk and the previous rice can be improved together, so that the lactose intolerance can be well relieved.

Fourth: almond porridge material: almond, rice practice: clean the rice and almonds together into the pot, add the strength of the water for porridge.

Efficacy: This recipe has a good effect of relieving cough and lungs. In the winter, if you have a cough due to cold, you can drink some almond porridge in moderation.

Fifth: Mulberry porridge materials: mulberry, glutinous rice, rock sugar practices: clean the mulberry, and then porridge with glutinous rice, add the right amount of sugar before the pot to taste.

Efficacy: This congee has a good effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the liver. It is also good to protect your eyes.

Sixth: Plum porridge material: white plum blossom, the previous rice practice: clean the fresh white plum blossom; put the previous rice into the pot and porridge, add the white plum blossom after the porridge, and start the pot two or three minutes after boiling.It is.

It is recommended to take one serving per meal for five consecutive days.

Efficacy: Plum blossoms bloom in winter, which is both fragrant and has a certain value of traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine believes that plum blossoms are flat and can be used to suffocate and stimulate appetite.

If there is a loss of appetite, then taking plum porridge is a good choice.

Seventh: mutton porridge material: mutton, previous rice, onion ginger garlic, salt practice: clean the mutton, then slice and spare; put the previous rice into the pot and porridge, put the prepared mutton into the waterTake porridge together, take it every morning and evening: lamb has a good effect of nourishing the kidney and protecting the spleen and stomach.

What kind of porridge is good for men in winter, this recipe is a very good choice.