[How to eat coconut meat after drinking coconut]_How to eat coconut meat_How to eat

[How to eat coconut meat after drinking coconut]_How to eat coconut meat_How to eat

Coconuts are rich in minerals. Coconuts contain many nutrients required by the human body. Many people usually like to drink coconut juice. In fact, coconuts are all treasures. In addition to coconut juice, you can drink coconut pulp.The content of protein in coconut meat is very high. Eating coconut meat can supplement the energy required by the human body. The conversion of coconut meat is very high, but how to eat coconut meat?

How to eat coconut meat after drinking coconut?

Coconut green fried rice 1. Prepare the ingredients: coconut green, rice, meat, eggs and other ingredients 2. First, decompose the coconut green, separate the coconut juice and coconut meat 3, then slice the coconut meat and other meats, then prepareOkay.

4. After the pan is cooked, first cook the meat food and set aside.

5, then pour the rice into the pot, add coconut milk and stir well, you can add flavor.

6. Finally, stir-fry all the meat with coconut meat, etc., and wait until the rice is dried.

Coconut chicken 1, prepared ingredients: one coconut green, chicken, red dates, seasoning 2, cut the upper half of coconut green, and pour the soup for later use.

3. Wash and cut the chicken legs into large pieces.

4. Put the chicken drumsticks in the coconut green cup, pour coconut juice, red dates and salt, seal the plastic wrap and steam for 50 minutes.

The benefits of eating coconut meat: 1. Coconut meat has excellent health effects on the body, and the antibacterial and anti-cancer effects are very obvious. People often eat coconut meat to increase their own disease resistance.

2. Coconut meat is a kind of food with high mobility. After eating, people will feel a feeling of fullness and reduce the appearance of obesity. In addition, the trace content of coconut meat is very small. People often eat it to reduce weight.

3. Coconut meat is a natural antibiotic. It has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on diseases caused by bacterial infections in humans. It can reduce antibiotics while replacing antibiotics.

[Working Office Fat Loss Lunch Bento]_Slimming_How to do

[Working Office Fat Loss Lunch Bento]_Slimming_How to do

Eating is a very important activity for the human body. Only after you have eaten your meal can you have the strength to do your work and study arrangements.

For too many office workers, sitting in front of a computer for a long time often faces excessive causes, so proper diet recipes and exercise are necessary.

Let ‘s take a look next. Should busy office workers choose some kind of fat-reduced lunch?

Vegetables, saffron, some cucumbers, some buds, white bell peppers, two star lettuces, some protein chicken breasts, 1 chickpea, eggs, cod, 1 carbohydrate, staple food, rice, purple potato, quinoa, fruits, cherry grapefruit, greenThe practice of kiwi and dragon fruit office workers fat-reduced lunch box 1.

Kill cucumber: slice thin slices of cucumber with salt to increase the moisture, lean pork, shredded pork with hot powder, first fry the pork, add the cucumber slices and a little soy sauce, stir-fry with oil, then you can enjoy garlic honey chicken breastMeat: Chicken breast with raw soy sauce, black pepper, garlic powder, honey, lemon juice, marinated into the oven, preheated, wrapped in tin foil, marinated chicken breast, roasted for 15 minutes, sliced, boxed, and purple potatoes can be washed.Steamed grapefruit cut in half and boxed 2.

Thick egg roast: three eggs with salt and 30g milk break up and fry zucchini in a special frying pan for thick egg roast: zucchini, sliced garlic, chopped hot pan, stir-fry minced garlic, add zucchini, and add salt.Zucchini can be cooked to steam purple potatoes: Wash and steam for 15 minutes on high heat to lift 3.

Chicken breasts with colored peppers: Cut chicken breasts and marinate them with salt and black pepper, then dip the colored peppers into a hot pot, cook the chicken breasts, and then add the peppers and stir fry. Add salt and oil to water and water.Simmer the chicken and wait until the bell peppers are softened. Then you can make the garlic broccoli: pick up the boiling water under the broccoli for one minute?

Raw soy sauce and garlic can be mixed with cereals: black rice, oats, rice, crushed rice, red beans, rice, mixed rice, mixed rice, washed and added to the rice cooker to make an appointment. The cherry will be cooked automatically in the morning4.

Cabbage chicken roll: chopped chicken breast, add an egg, shredded mushrooms, crushed saffron and carrots, add oatmeal, add salt chicken essence, season Chinese cabbage, boil the water, soften the blade, and wrap it with cabbage leaves like dumplingsUse the toothpick to fix the meat on the high heat and steam for 10 minutes, then immediately boil under the saffron and then cool and steam the purple potato and white meat dragon fruit. Use a special fruit ball digger to dig into a ball 5.

Quinoa salmon fried rice: Quinoa cooked and dried salmon marinated in advance. Prepare mixed vegetables and peppers and onion minced. Cook the salmon in a hot pan, then crush it with a fork. Add mixed vegetables and pepper and onion, and add quinoa.Maimai stir-fry together with salt and oil-consuming seasonings and stir-fry for five minutes. The mushroom and chicken steak can be boiled: the chicken breasts are chopped into a puree, mixed with mixed vegetable grains and shiitake mushrooms, and the salt flavored seasoning is added into a ball and squashedCook the garlic broccoli cherry on low heat in a pot.

Pan-fried cod: One night in advance, the cod should be refrigerated and thawed with salt, black pepper, lemon juice, and marinated in a hot pan. Pour the cod in olive oil and fry for one minute on each side (because the cod is thin and quickly cooked).Tomato pasta: Cut the tomato in boiling water for one minute and cut it into pieces. Then you can easily peel and cut into pieces. Cook in a pot of water and salt. Boil in the pasta and cook for 8-10 minutes.Stir-fry the tomatoes into a thick sauce and add the pasta and a spoonful of boiled pasta. Stir-fry here. I also add a little tomato sauce and cowpeas and stir-fry. The taste is light. You can add a little salt and stir-fry.Vegetable salad: Wash the lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cut into pieces, and cut into small plates. Because these vegetables can be eaten raw and taste good, I did not add sauce to season them.

Zucchini Noodle Chickpeas: Peel zucchini and use a grater to grow long noodle-shaped garlic and cut into flake chickpeas. I use canned cans. Open the cans and filter the water. You can pour the olive oil in the hot pan and add the garlic.Add slices of zucchini, add raw soy oil and stir fry to load the plate. Add cooked chickpeas and stir well to load the plate. Chickpeas are high-protein and full-fat foods.

Vegetable salad: Cucumber, tomato, diced, lettuce leaves, stir and serve. Steamed purple sweet potato and cherry. Tips: Most of the dishes can be prepared one night in advance. The next morning, the dishes will not change if they are heated in a microwave oven.Purple potatoes can be cooked for two days at a time, saving a lot of time, preheating the oven in advance, brushing your teeth, and washing your face. You can also roast chicken breasts and grilled food without oil and control the oil supplement. Fruits can be eaten moreLow gi value such as cherry grapefruit blueberry apple

[Suitable to eat a few cherries a day]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

[Suitable to eat a few cherries a day]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

There are many vitamins in fruits. In order to protect the health of the body, we need to properly supplement the fruits.

Many fruits are selling very much now, especially the seasonal fruits, which are affordable and the sales are leading all the other off-season fruits.

Cherries are also one of our common fruits. Although the price is high, many people eat it.

How many cherries are appropriate that day?

Cherries are hot foods, and it is easy to get angry if you eat too much. Generally, it is appropriate to eat about 10 at a time.

Of course, this has a lot to do with personal fitness.

Some people do n’t even have to eat cherries in pans, while others may have gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal distension and abdominal discomfort.

Of course, as long as you master the amount, you can still enjoy the delicious cherry.

Cherry is a general name for some prunus plants, including subgenus cherry, subgenus sour cherry, subgenus osmanthus and so on.

Arbor, 2-6 meters high, bark gray.

Branchlets gray-brown, twigs green, glabrous or sparsely pilose.

Winter buds ovate, glabrous.

The fruit can be eaten as a fruit, with bright appearance, crystal clear beauty, red like agate, yellow like curd, fruit is rich in sugar, protein, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other elements.

Cherries in the world are mainly distributed in the United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, Europe and other places. The main producing areas of China are Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan.

Suitable for the crowd: the general population races.

1. The iron content of cherries is particularly high.

2. Cherry is rich in nutrition, has the functions of regulating qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, and eliminating rheumatism.

3. Complications such as loss of appetite, indigestion, and rheumatism.

4, Regular consumption of cherries can help to maintain beauty, make the skin rosy and tender, and remove wrinkles and spots.

5. People with indigestion, paralysis, rheumatism, waist and leg pain, weak constitution, and lack of complexion are suitable for consumption.

6, those with ulcer symptoms, those who get angry, eat with caution; those with diabetes should not eat.

7. The cyanic acid in wild cherry is found in a large number of seeds and fruits.

(So it is not advisable to eat more of this kind of fruit) 8. Fever with STD and Deficiency Cough, constipation should not eat, renal insufficiency, and those with oliguria should eat with caution.

Ingredients for diet remedy cherry water: a few pounds of fresh cherry.

Method and usage: The cherry is filled and sealed in a ceramic altar, buried in the soil, about 1 meter deep. After 7-10 days, the cherries in the altar have been turned into water.

Take 1 cup at a time and serve gently.

[What kind of food is the most delicious?]_How to do_how to do

[What kind of food is the most delicious?]_How to do_how to do

Braised meat is a kind of food made with brine. It is also a kind of food with unique flavor, delicious taste and high nutritional value.

When making braised meat, the most important thing is to make brine.

Different methods of making brine and different seasonings add different flavors.

Below, I will introduce several methods of making brine!

First, the practice of brine: Ingredients: soy sauce essence, star anise, cinnamon bark, 50 grams of grass fruit, 25 grams of ginger, pepper, clove, 50 grams of licorice, 500 grams of boiling water.

Method: first put soy sauce, cooking wine, rock sugar, refined salt, MSG in a pot on a low fire, and cook for about 1 hour.

Spices and medicinal packages must often be soaked in pots.

After the brine is made, it is best to use it every other day.

Second, the second method of brine: 100 grams of Sichuan pepper, 150 grams of star anise, 100 grams of cinnamon, 50 grams of cloves, 50 grams of red yeast rice, 50 grams of licorice, 500 grams of fat, 1500 grams of old soy sauce, 500 grams of fish sauce,150 grams of rock sugar, 500 grams of salt, 250 grams of ginger, 250 grams of garlic, 150 grams of fried garlic, 250 grams of coriander, 250 grams of wine50 grams of red yeast rice, 50 grams of licorice, mixed with “medicine bag”; 500 grams of fatty meat slices, fried lard and discarded residue.

Take a large stainless steel pot and pour in clear water 12.

5kg, old soy sauce 1500g, raw soy sauce 1500g, fish sauce 500g, rock sugar 150g, refined salt 500g, boil over high heat, add lard, 250g ginger, 250g green garlic, 150g fried garlic, 250 grams, 250 grams of wine, “medicine bag” boiled for 20 minutes, it will become brine.

The longer the brine is stored, the more fragrant it becomes.

Third, the brine method three ingredients: old chicken, soup bones, longan, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, rock sugar, brown sugar, fish sauce, salt, south ginger, star anise, cinnamon, clove, tan peel, Sichuan pepper, cilantro, cumin, Grass fruit, licorice, sand ginger slices.

Practice: (1) Use old chicken, soup bone, longan to boil thick soup.

(2) Pour the boiled soup into the bucket, add a little raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, rock sugar, brown sugar, add in fish sauce, make the soup light brown, add salt, slightly salty, and add ginger, Star anise, cinnamon, cloves, tangerine peel, Sichuan pepper, cilantro, cumin, grass fruit, licorice, sand ginger slices.

(3) Boil the soup and pour in sesame oil.

[Observe here how many men your wife slept]

[Observe here how many men your wife slept]

In this society, a lot of times will pay attention to a so-called experience, and some people or certain occupations are necessary for experience, but what about a woman who is rich in emotional experience?

It is estimated that many men will wave their hands.

The following editor will give you this paper how to judge how many men a woman has?

And what kind of woman is Huaxin?

How to judge how many women a man has judged whether a person is a master of love or not, can start with many details.

The true masters of the love field have always been as good as fish on the love field, and they are very skillful.

Feelings are floating in the sea, and what remains unchanged is that the true hearts collide with each other.

True love can withstand years of misery and ruin.

Only those love games that play at the scene show a hint of sadness like falling flowers and flowing water.

When people are happy, it is difficult to experience the sufferings of the world. Only when the siege of the people breaks through can the amazing energy burst out.

Those who are disappointed in love, don’t be discouraged, they must believe that better emotions are waiting for you in the back; those who are proud in love, don’t forget to learn, they must learn to integrate their little willfulness and temper, and cherish and enjoy the sweet emotions now.

First of all, the following three details of a woman can polish her is a master of love.


Zusanli Point Weight Loss Massage

Zusanli Point Weight Loss Massage

The body is getting fat because it is too much, the consumption is less than the reserve, and it is caused by the accumulation of time. Therefore, weight loss is to burn these slightly.

Through massage, only to find acupuncture points, grasp the good method, you can promote weight loss!

  Zusanli acupoints weight loss massage method acupoint map: 1.

One finger below the lateral side of the Zusanli fracture.

It is a longevity acupoint for strengthening the body and can treat abdominal distension, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, weakness of the limbs and other symptoms.


Sanyinjiao internal toe up position of 3 fingers wide.

It is especially suitable for cold waist and foot and enhance the disease resistance of reproductive organs.

  The outer knee is 3 inches below the eye, and the outer side of the upper bone is about a third point.

Use your thumb to press 揉 120 times on the hole.

  Press four points to lose weight massage method 1.

The middle position between the chest socket and the navel is particularly effective for people with low immunity in the stomach.


Qihai navel umbilical cord down a finger wide, has a good effect on mental disorders, depression.


Guan Yuan’s navel is 3 fingers wide, which has a relief effect on cold and other cold diseases.

  Lying on your back or sitting, use the tip of your thumb to press on the upper jaw, middle jaw, double heavenly pivot (two inches next to the navel, one hole on each side), on the various points of the sea and the other, feel the pain after the thumb tipTwist 10 turns on each acupuncture point.

  Sitting on the umbilical cord weight loss method sitting or lying down, the massager’s right hand four fingers close together, the finger on the navel on the appropriate force to press down, the left and right spins 10 times.

  There is also an effective way to lose weight in the navel: smoked navel beauty weight loss full Raiders operating procedures: 1.

Clean the skin around the navel.


Perform an essential oil massage.


Cut the moxa strips in half (use about half a strip) 4 .

The essential oil containing pure Chinese medicine ingredients is dripped in the navel with a dropper (the dosage is determined according to the instructions for use).


Ignite the moxa, ignite the head down and stuff it into the tube.

When the essential oil and the active ingredients in the herbs penetrate into the skin, they are converted into vital energy by moxibustion, and then the body is relieved by the meridians, thereby promoting metabolism, detoxification and weight loss.


Put on the mat, put on the Ai tube, and roll a towel pad under the handle of the Ai tube.


Start the umbilical cord, about 1 hour, should be selected according to individual circumstances.


When finished, wipe the essential oil around the navel.

  Efficacy: beauty and beauty, slimming weight loss, Shujing active, qi and qi, regulate hormone levels, adjust spleen and kidney, can improve female dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, uterine ptosis, asthma, cold hands and feet, allergic rhinitis.

  Suitable for people: poor sleep, excessive fatigue, obesity, cold hands and feet, endocrine disorders, constipation, flatulence, people who need a thin waist to shape the body, massage, weight loss, right palm, start from the heart and mouth, through the left rib, down to the lower abdomen, up and down the right rib to touch the original place.

So loop for 36 laps; then use the left palm to ring 36 turns in the opposite direction from the heart and mouth.

  This is the most thorough method.
It can be done before going to bed at night or while watching TV.
Urine can stimulate the nerve endings, open the skin and the capillaries of the aunt’s aunt, speed up metabolism, promote the discharge of waste from the skin tissue, and of course reduce the aunt.

  Editor’s Choice: SPA massage method for breast enhancement and thin abdomen.

Using both hands, apply the lotion from right to left to the lower abdomen and waist in a large way, and draw a circle 5 times in a row.


Push 5 times from the front upper side toward the waist by drawing a circle.


Starting from the upper and lower sides, vertically downwards and downwards to the abdomen, massage the hands with overlapping waves for 3 times, and then massage the massage 5 times in the same direction to promote slight decomposition and drainage.

  Massage while walking, the benefits are many walks to get rid of excess meat. Ordinary walks are suitable for commuting, walking after meals, shopping and shopping.

According to your needs, you can choose slow, medium or fast.

Fast is not equal to urgent, just a little faster than the medium speed.

Walking can relax the bones, calm the blood, and lay a long-term foundation for weight loss.

  When the rocker is walking, walk along the pace to reduce the pace of the pace, and then swing forward and backward, or lift it up and down. This has many advantages for improving the upper limbs, shoulders and chest movements of the person. It can also be used for shoulder and chest tightness.

  When walking forward with abdomen, continue to massage the vagina, abdomen and back waist with both hands, can effectively regulate the function of the spleen and stomach, correct the decline of kidney gas, and improve the metabolic function.

Relaxing walks and gentle abdominal massage can also supplement indigestion and chronic urinary tract diseases.

  Related: Walking diet is very effective If you have decided to put your walk into your own fitness program, there are some walking exercises for your reference: 1.

Ordinary walking method uses slow and medium speed walking, 30-60 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.

Suitable for leisure in beautiful places.


Fast walking method (recommended!

) Walk 5-7 kilometers per hour for 30-60 minutes each time.

Heart rate control is less than 120 beats per minute when walking, so you can cheer up.


Quantitative walking involves walking on flat and sloping ground.

For example, walk 100 meters on a 3 degree slope, gradually increase to 15 minutes on a 5 degree slope, and then walk on the ground for 15 minutes. After the massage, you can feel the unfortunate burning, it is very gratifying.But this little action must be persevering. She is not the way to lose weight quickly, but it is definitely a good helper for weight loss!

A magical little action after a meal, no matter how much fat you eat.

A magical little action after a meal, no matter how much fat you eat.

When the summer is over, the flesh on the waist is quietly shaped, and it is really distressing.

Today, I will share with you a magical posture that promotes gastrointestinal motility and promotes systemic metabolism and prevents unfortunate accumulation.

This excellence can help the digestive system and the circulatory system work faster and prevent excessive occurrences after you eat too much.

The role of a single-legged knee-shaped limb: the abdomen, forward, and leg muscles, promotes systemic metabolism, increases the slight burning rate, and is particularly effective for thin thighs.

It can also massage and stimulate the abdominal organs, prevent stomach pain and constipation, help gastrointestinal motility and digestion.

Station method: 1.

At the earliest on the mat, shift the center of gravity to the right leg, the right foot, and the right foot to press the pressure pad.


Bend your left knee, hands and fingers interlocked on the bone above the left leg, the left calf is perpendicular to the mat, inhale and raise the head to lift the chest cavity, the core strength is tightened, the exhalation shoulders are relaxed, the left heel is stepped out, and the back muscles of the thigh are tightened., keep 5?
8 breaths, exhale and change legs.

Looking together, it is the following action ▼ Tip: Be sure to keep your hips when you practice, and your legs are straight, so that your body is always on the same line.

You don’t have to worry about eating too much. If you can adjust it carefully, you won’t get fat, but long-term overdose is not recommended. This kind of lifestyle can be difficult to maintain by adjusting.

This action not only prevents temporary accumulation, but also flexes the waist, relieves tension in the lower hips and legs, and increases the strength of the lower back and legs.

Please note that when starting the exercise, you can’t stand without standing hard. You can try to practice by leaning against the wall. After the exercise is cooked, you can replace it yourself.

In addition, the elderly do not recommend this action to prevent accidental injury.

This article is organized from the Health Times (bjsbwxh) and the Health Circle (amy6562). Thank you!

Editor: Gao Jiming’s review: Zhu Xi is paying attention to the health knowledge of the people in Yangsheng-cn every day at 7 o’clock every morning.
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How to treat peptic ulcer diet digestive ulcer diet

How to treat peptic ulcer diet digestive ulcer diet

How to eat peptic ulcer?

To nurse patients with peptic ulcer, to maintain a good body, you need to follow the diet to avoid conditioning, enhance the body’s ability to resist disease, restore the normal physiological functions of the spleen and stomach, can alleviate or relieve the symptoms of stomach and stomach pain and discomfort, and promote smooth recovery.

Dietary therapy has a therapeutic effect without obvious adverse reactions, and is convenient to take, economical and practical, and easy to be accepted. Patients with peptic ulcer should pay attention to diet and nursed back to the diet.

Principles of Dietary Rehabilitation for Peptic Ulcer Patients 1. Nutrient-rich, easy-to-digest diets must first be digested by the stomach to complete the first step.

In the case of peptic ulcer in the body, the stomach should be properly rested, and the burden should not be increased. It should be supplemented with nutrient-rich, reduced dregs, easy to chew, and digested food.

Because the food containing the residue is not easy to chew, it is difficult to digest, and it has certain stimulation to the gastric mucosa, which may cause the ulcer to worsen or relapse the cured ulcer.

Usually the diet should be light and easy to digest. The requirement of light diet is that the five flavors should not be too much, and the spicy and frying tastes and the fat and sweet taste are controlled. This is due to the consideration of the digestion and absorption capacity of the stomach.

2, eating soft, avoid eating cold peptic ulcer patients with long course and easy to relapse, most patients with spleen and stomach weakness, lack of Zhongyang, Yunhua dereliction of duty.

Therefore, the diet is more important than spleen and qi, warm and medium transport, food should be selected warm, soft, slow, easy to digest, reduce gastric load.

Should not eat cold diet, because cold food damage spleen and stomach yang, affecting the spleen and stomach transport function, can cause pain relief in the stomach and stomach, abdominal distension and other symptoms, but also easy to make peptic ulcer worse or relapse of healing ulcers.

3, eat less meals, eat enough to eat too much each time, too much stomach swelling is insufficient, and even cause stomach expansion, so every time you eat 80% full.

In order to meet the needs of the body’s heat and nutrients, on a small food basis, you can arrange multiple meals, and you can eat 4 or 5 meals a day.

Multi-meal system should also pay attention to the law, that is, regular meals every day, so as not to disturb the secretion function of the stomach, and should avoid excessive excess.

If you want to get the food, you should eat it slowly, against the gorging, and the food can be chewed and absorbed to absorb and absorb, which can replace the burden.

4, eliminate the use of stagnation, supplement in the treatment of peptic ulcer need to continue to supplement nutrition to meet the needs of the body, but a long illness spleen and stomach weakness, a little careless, there will be food stagnation, spleen, or spleen, or food stopStomach cramps, especially in the rehabilitation stage of peptic ulcer, every easy to enter, eat and over, the most prone to food stagnation, it should be especially against the diet.

Should be based on the principle of spleen deficiency, food stagnation should be eliminated, diet and nourishment to eliminate the supplement, supplement in the elimination, too much can not be eliminated, the disease has been in the stomach.

And should pay attention to diet, in order to eliminate the drawbacks of injury.

5, should not be partial eclipse, food will also have a sexual taste after eating, such as excessive food or partial eclipse, it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach.

Over time, or heat, or fire, causing illness.

Therefore, patients with peptic ulcer should pay attention to prevent partial eclipse during diet conditioning. The diet should also pay attention to the course of treatment. It is not advisable to fill the same food.

Peptic ulcer patients are prone to postprandial stomach pain and bloating, so it is very important to maintain after eating, maintenance can not eliminate or reduce post-stomach stomach pain and bloating, but also help digestion, post-food maintenance should pay attention to eat after eating, eatAfter the avoidance of thinking, post-food taboo activities.

6, pay attention to caution, to avoid digestive dysfunction in patients with stomach peptic ulcer, can not tolerate some food, and some foods have damage to infection, especially when there is peptic ulcer, so peptic ulcer patientsFood choices should be considered, spicy and irritating foods, over-cold and cold foods, fatty and greasy foods, hard and rough foods, easily digestible foods, foods that are prone to bloating, and foods that are unclean.Be careful to avoid eating.

Tips: The diet of peptic ulcer should exceed the above principles, otherwise the treatment effect of the disease may not be ideal.

Eight one accumulation of healthy capital every day

Eight “one” accumulation of healthy capital every day

Dear friends, I want to know how to maintain your health most simply?
Want to know what kind of life details can keep your life healthy?
This is not a singular thing to say about dreams. It must be known that the high-rise buildings in Baizhang are on the ground, and health is not achieved overnight, but slowly accumulated.
As long as you do a little bit every day, it is actually turning these health details into one of your daily schedules, so that you will be healthy and healthy.
  A cup of boiled water in the morning and evening. Fresh boiled water is the best choice.
Boiled water is a natural state of water that has been boiled after being purified by multiple layers. The microorganisms in the water have been killed in high temperature, and the calcium and magnesium in boiling water are very beneficial to the health of the body.
Studies have shown that hard water containing elements such as calcium and magnesium has the effect of preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  Many people think that drinking light salt water is good for their health, so they drink light salt water in the morning. This kind of understanding is wrong.
Studies have shown that people do not drink dripping during sleep all night, but breathing, perspiration, and urinary tract are still in progress, and these physiological activities consume a lot of water.
Getting up in the morning, such as drinking some boiled water, can quickly dilute the blood and correct the hypertonic dehydration at night.
Drinking salt water will increase the hypertonic dehydration, which makes it more dry.
Moreover, the morning is the first peak of the body’s blood pressure, drinking salt water will make blood pressure higher.
  It is best not to drink juice, cola, soft drinks, coffee, milk, etc. in the first cup of water in the morning.
Most carbonated beverages such as soda and cola contain citric acid, which accelerates calcium excretion during metabolism and lowers the calcium content in the blood. Long-term drinking can lead to calcium deficiency.
While other beverages have a diuretic effect, drinking in the morning can not effectively replenish the water that the body lacks, but also increase the body’s demand for water, which in turn causes water shortage in the body.
  A multi-vitamin complex In modern women, women who are dieting for weight loss abound, which makes it difficult to ensure adequate nutrition.
Therefore, supplementing essential vitamins and trace elements every day is a must for modern beauty care.
If you are over 30 years old, in order to delay the onset of aging, vitamins C and E must be supplemented.
  Vitamins are a class of organic compounds necessary for maintaining human health, promoting growth and development, and regulating physiological functions.
These compounds are present in natural foods and are generally not synthesized or synthesized in vivo and are not sufficient to meet the needs.
  A cup of vinegar Juice vinegar can improve the body’s immunity.
Fruit juice vinegar is rich in vitamins and amino acids, which can synthesize calcium acetate in the body and calcium, enhance the absorption of calcium, and strengthen the body.
Fruit juice vinegar is also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell cancer and cell aging and increases the body’s resistance.
In addition, workers in vinegar factories rarely catch a cold, which is already a well-known common sense.
Acetic acid has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and can prevent colds.
  For those who love colds, you can drink a bottle of juice vinegar before going out for breakfast, to resist the cold on the way to work in the morning, and not to catch a cold.
Especially in the winter, you can drink juice vinegar to drink, so there is no stimulation to the stomach, but also make the vinegar disinfection effect better.
  In the afternoon, drink fruit vinegar to get rid of fatigue.
For office workers, juice vinegar is the best drink to eliminate fatigue.
  In general, fruit vinegar contains more than ten kinds of organic acids and various amino acids required by the human body.
The type of vinegar is different, and the content of organic acids is also different.
They make aerobic metabolism smooth, which helps to remove deposited lactic acid and eliminate fatigue.
  After a long period of labor and strenuous exercise, a large amount of lactic acid will be produced in the human body, and people will feel particularly tired. For example, drinking a small bottle of fruit vinegar at this time can promote the recovery of metabolic function, thereby eliminating fatigue.
  Generally speaking, the time around 3 pm is the most time-consuming period of the day. You can choose to drink 250 ml of juice vinegar at this time, which can be very effective.
  A bag of fresh milk This is used to supplement calcium and also helps with beauty.
Because milk is the cheapest and most effective cosmetic mask.
  A bottle of mineral water must choose a veritable mineral water, which contains trace elements and minerals that are very needed by the body.
  A cup of tea A woman must drink tea. If there is no problem with the stomach, green tea and oolong tea are best.Especially for women who want to lose weight, tea is the most natural and effective weight loss agent. Nothing can eliminate acetate more than tea.

  Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea that contains almost no vitamin C, but it can reduce iron, calcium and other minerals, and contains ingredients that promote digestion and decomposition of fatty acids.

Before meals, drinking a cup of oolong tea after a meal can promote slight decomposition and become directly transferred to the body without being absorbed by the body to prevent excessive excessive intake.

  Green tea has the effect of cooling off the heat and is good for computer radiation (people who are cold can’t drink); because green tea tastes bitter cold, has heat, heat, detoxification, fire, dryness, thirst, Shengjin, strongHeart refreshing function.

Green tea green leaf green soup, fresh and refreshing, tastes sweet and slightly bitter and cold, causing vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients. Drinking both has the effect of cooling off heat and adding nutrients.

Preventing high blood pressure, diet insists on five flavors

Preventing high blood pressure, diet insists on “five flavors”

Lead: Prevention of high blood pressure has a dietary sputum, that is: “half a catty of milk two or two meat, a pound of vegetables eight valleys.
One egg five grams of salt, fruit green tea to enjoy the blessing.
Do not smoke cigarettes and drink less, optimistic and cheerful.
Run every morning to keep your belt thick.
“The diet must adhere to the “five flavors” principle.
First, the food is not salty: salt is limited.
The intake of salt per day for healthy adults should not exceed 6 grams, including the amount of salt ingested through soy sauce, pickles, monosodium glutamate and other condiments.
Second, the food is not sweet: limit sugar.
Foods high in sugar are mainly rice, noodles, and cakes.
It is recommended that the staple food be thick and thin, such as corn, millet, beans, buckwheat, and potatoes.
It is best not to eat or eat less oil cakes, fritters, fried cakes, cream cakes, chocolate, milk ice cream, etc.
Third, the food is not too tired: limit the food of high fat.
Wang Qinghai suggested that life should limit livestock meat (especially fat), animal fats (such as lard), butter cakes, palm oil and other high-fat and egg products, egg yolks, animal offal, caviar and chicken skin, duck skinThe intake of high cholesterol foods.
Do not exceed 250 grams of fresh milk or yogurt per day.
The meat is controlled within 75 grams per day, mainly lean meat, such as pig, cow, sheep, chicken, duck and other poultry meat.
Fourth, the food is not too good: limit drinking.
Wine is also a “Xin” food. For the citizens who drink alcohol, Wang Qinghai recommends that men drink no more than 30 grams of alcohol per day, that is, wine is less than 100~150 ml, such as 2 to 3; or beer is less than 250~500 ml.For example, half a catty to 1 kg; or white wine is less than 25 to 50 ml, about 0.
5 to 1 two.
Women are halved and pregnant women do not drink.
Do not promote the consumption of highly spirited wine.
Fifth, the food is not bitter: overeating can cause loss of appetite.
The bitter foods are mainly bitter wheat, celery, mustard, bitter gourd, coffee, and the like.
The bitterness can clear the heat, the climate in Guangzhou is hot, and it is good to eat some vegetables with bitter taste, which can clear hepatitis and heart fire.
However, bitterness is cold after all, and overeating can damage the spleen and stomach, resulting in loss of appetite, or abdominal pain and diarrhea, which affects the digestion and absorption of food.
Need to be reminded that many elderly people are guilty of mentioning eggs, think that their cholesterol content is too high, it is not good for the body, in fact, in addition to the cholesterol is too high, try to eat less egg yolk, other people eat eggs without much problem.
It should also be emphasized that there is a diet and it is not enough to be full.
“Diet is self-doubling, the stomach is hurt”, it must be prevented.
It would be better if you can cooperate with proper exercise and keep your mood comfortable.