[Boil crab or boil in cold water]_Cooking method_How to cook

[Boil crab or boil in cold water]_Cooking method_How to cook

Speaking of hairy crabs, there should be some people who can’t help drooling, because hairy crabs are the best in crabs, and their meat is delicious and fat.

In fact, the autumn season is the best season for crabs, because at this time the crabs have grown to the best state.

However, when cooking crabs, if you want the crab meat to be delicious, you should choose the right method. When cooking crabs, do you use boiling water or cold water?

The best way to cook crabs is to cook them in cold or hot water?

Teach you to recruit fresh meat and keep feet. Every year is the season for crabs. Speaking of crabs, how can we lose our main character “hair crab”?

It sounds like people can’t stand drooling. In fact, most people always cut off crab legs during the process of cooking crabs, and they do n’t understand whether it is cold or hot water. Today I will teach you how toMake delicious yellow hairy crabs.

Generally crabs have two methods, or they can be cooked. In fact, Xiaobian recommends everyone to eat with steam. Of course, if you think you are still used to cooking, please remember to use boiling hot water to cook in the pot!

You can cook it for about 15-20 minutes if you don’t produce it. If you add it to cold water and cook it, the nutrients and sweetness of the crab will be lost during the heating process!

Steamed crabs retain nutrients and sweetness more than boiled, and maintain maximum nutrients.

If it is steamed on a high fire, it only takes about 10-20 minutes. This time is just right. It is too short to be cooked. If it is too long, the meat is old and not delicious.

The best time to steam is to use cold water (the best is mountain spring water). Because the cold water gradually turns into steam, it can better lock the nutrients, and you will lose some steam directly.

Why is it easy to boil crabs?

Because crabs are alive, crabs that are too hot are struggling a little and legs are simply broken.

There are also related to the old tenderness of crabs. The younger the crab, the easier it is to drop legs. Let’s prevent it below.

Keep doing your feet to achieve these two points: 1. Crab needs to be good, and your stomach is steaming upwards.

2. Take a chopstick and insert it into the local 1-2cm of crab spit foam, put it in a pot and steam it so it won’t break your feet.

Maybe the crab’s umbilical tip is pierced with a knife tip, and the crab will not lose its legs, isn’t it easy?

The most central nutrient for eating crabs is crab yellow, delicious and savory.

And the most famous is “Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab”: the crab body does not stick to mud, commonly known as Qingshui Hairy Crab, big body fat, green shell white belly, golden claw yellow hair.

The meat is creamy, ten limbs strong, and it can crawl quickly by adding glass planks.