[Can melon eggs be eaten together]_Chicken eggs_Same food

[Can melon eggs be eaten together]_Chicken eggs_Same food

Speaking of winter melon, I believe many people like it. Although the taste of winter melon is not too heavy and it is sweeter, but as long as it is cooked with other vegetables, it can bring different flavors, and its winter melonThe most important one is weight loss and diuresis, which is very effective for obesity caused by edema, and eggs are also often eaten at home. So I wonder if winter melon and eggs can be eaten together?

Let’s take a look at this problem together.

First, do melon and eggs eat together, melon and eggs eat together, some dishes: melon scrambled eggs.

Method 1, beat eggs into a bowl, add salt, and MSG mix well.

Wash the melon and cut into rhombus slices.

2. Put oil in a frying spoon and heat to 60%. Pour in the egg mixture and fry into the eggs.

Leave a little oil in the original spoon, heat and stir-fry the onion and ginger, add the salt and stir-fry the melon slices, stir-fry the monosodium glutamate until it breaks.

Second, the nutritional value of melon 1, to urinate, quench thirst can be Qi and resistant to aging, in addition to fullness of the heart and chest, heat to the sharp surface, the small and large intestines, Dandan poison.

Can relieve heat and bloat.

Cut the melon into pieces and rub the dumplings, the treatment effect is very good.

Pounded into juice, can cure thirst and boredom, and detoxify.

Winter melon tastes good when eaten hot, and people who eat too much cold lose weight.

Cook the five internal organs, because it can breathe out.

If you want to be thin and light, you can eat more winter melon; if you want to gain weight, don’t eat it.

As long as people with hair backs and all sacroiliac joints can cut a large piece of winter melon and stick it on the sores, replace it when they feel hot.

With winter melon, heat dissipation is very good.

But those with chronic illness and yin deficiency should not eat.

2. Lowering blood sugar and lowering blood pressure Due to the increase of Vc in melon, high potassium content, and low sodium content, it is most suitable for patients with hypertension, kidney disease, edema disease and other patients who need low sodium food.

Tao Jinghong, a medical scientist in the Southern Dynasties, said that winter melon “detoxifies, quenches thirst, relieves boredom, and smashes it with juice”, and the mentioned thirst is diabetes.

Twenty patients with diabetic hypertension syndrome were treated with fresh winter melon skin and decoction instead of tea to obtain satisfactory results.

Orchid melon juice and decoction of melon seed are better for treating diabetes and thirst.

3, weight loss and lipid-lowering effect The ancients have known that melon has a weight loss function.

For example, in the Tang Dynasty Meng Zhi’s “Therapeutic Compendium of Materia Medica”: “The hot ones eat better, the cold ones eat thin.

The cooked food trains the five internal organs, which makes them angry.

“In addition, according to” Compendium of Materia Medica “: Winter melon can nourish qi and annoy,” If you want to be thin and light, you can eat it often, if you want fat, don’t eat it. “